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The Officers who make up our Brigade Management Team, serve a term of two years.

All the Officers, Secretary, Treasurer and President positions are elected by members of the Brigade.

KB Right.PNG
Klaus Brodeck

Klaus joined the Brigade in 2012 after moving into the area from Montrose. A dependable responder, Klaus was elected into the BMT in 2016 where he progressed through the Lieutenant ranks until being promoted to Captain in 2022.

HK Right.PNG
Kelly Harris
1st Lieutenant

Kelly joined CFA in 2007 and shortly after took on a leadership role with the Junior Brigade where she contributed to developing the next generation of firefighters. She was elected to the BMT in 2018 and currently manages our driver training program.

RL Right.PNG
Ryan Lewis
2nd Lieutenant

Ryan became a firefighter with EFB in 2013. He then took on the position of Communications Officer until joining the Lieutenant ranks in 2018. Key responsibilities of his portfolio are the management of pre-plans for high risk premises, member wellbeing, branding & public relations and health, safety & environment management.

CM Right.PNG
Chris May
3rd Lieutenant

Chris joined Berwick Fire Brigade in 2017 before moving to Emerald in 2020. He has a passion for training and manages the Brigade training program to help our members be ready for anything. He is an Army veteran, serving in two tours of Afghanistan and with any spare time he has, continues to fundraise and advocate for mental health organisations for Veterans and First Responders.

MH Right.PNG
Mick Hamilton
4th Lieutenant

Mick joined the Brigade in 2017 and was elected into the BMT in 2022 responsible for station and equipment repair & maintenance. His role ensures that everything we need is always working and ready to go whenever we need it.

MF Right.PNG
Mitch Fraser

Mitch joined the Brigade in 2019 and was appointed to the role of Communications Officer in 2022 after assisting in the role since 2020. An IT professional with Puffing Billy Railway by day, Mitch is ideally suited to managing the critical IT and Communication needs of the Brigade.

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